First Video

ID: Opening screen shows a black background and in yellow font, Sprint celebrates a 30 year legacy of Accessibility fades out. Suddenly rapid flashing through black and white photos of single individuals while upbeat music plays. All individuals are wearing black shirts and are standing in front of a plain white wall while signing, some speaking and signing at the same time. . When each individual signs a word half of the screen is in yellow with the signed word in black.  There is also a voice narrating the words while signed.

1 Mike Ellis signing Accessibility

2 Claudia Gordon signing Inclusion

3 Arthur Moore signing Wireless

4 Michelle Vicino signing Technology

5 Seth Bravin signing International

6 Kristine Shipley signing Marketing

7 Emmanual McKeever signing Possibilities

8 Angie Officer signing Solutions

9 Andrew Brenneman signing Opportunities

10 Sakeenya Carter signing Conversation

11 Joe Karp signing Resources

12 Mark Tauscher signing Innovation

13 Barbara Garcia signing Confidential

14 Orlando Fresse signing Hard of Hearing

15 Maggie Schoolar signing Sales

16 Dennis Selznick signing CapTel

17 Jody Clayton signing Virtual

ID: Gridded collage of individuals in black and white, applauding. In yellow fonts, Congratulations appears and fades to black. In yellow fonts, Here’s to Many More Years and Many More Champions of Accessibility. Fades to three icons; 30 years: 1990-2020, Sprint Accessibility, and Connect. Communicate. Empower. The icons fade out and the Sprint Logo fades in and screen cuts off.