Exhibitors Guidelines and Agreement


Welcome to Deafopia Events and we are excited to see all of you. Please find this information handy so you can be prepared to come to the event This event will allow you to sell your products or share your information to thousands of people. I strongly suggest you to read this and be familiar with the Deafopia guidelines and agreement.

Absolutely Free

You have registered with us and your event space is FREE. There is no charge because our sponsors who is covering your fee at this time. You will have free WIFI if there is one availability. You also will have free electricity as well.


Your booth space has been paid by your sponsors. They want to support your business. They are paying for your booth space so you can really make some big profits. Please kindly meet with all of sponsors and thank them for what they did.


Deafopia is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any accident, injury, or damages before or after the event at your booth space When you apply for the booth space, you are releasing Deafopia’s responsibilities for any injury, accident or damages at all. You cannot sue Deafopia or sue Deafopia employees at all. If you do not agree with this, please do not apply for the booth space at all.

This segment is valid when you apply for the booth space. It will be valid until 24 hours after the event is over. Applying on line for booth space will make this segment effective. This is a written section that you need to be aware of before you fill out the form.

Booth Space

You will be able to choose any locations to set up your booth space. Deafopia will be reserving some spaces for our sponsors at the front entrance only. You can set up any place you want. Please make sure you set up your table behind the wall area. Please do not set up in the middle unless approved by Deafopia employee. Please check with them before you set up your space area.


Electricity will be provided at the event but you are responsible to bring extension cord and power surges. Please bring 100 feet extension cord to the event. We are not able to provide extension cords and power surges. You need to bring those to plug to our electric outlet at the event.


We will try to provide free WIFI in some area, If there is none availability, please use your phones or mobile devices to connect to your computers or laptops. All mobile devices have high speed that allow internet browsing, video conference and more. Please use that as your back up if there is no wifi available in some area.

Tables and Chairs

When you are not paying to set up your space at all, please pick up your one table and two chairs at the designated area. Please be careful while bringing those to your area. Ask someone to help you if you need one. When the event is over, you are responsible to bring the table and chair back to the designated area where you picked up in the morning. Deafopia is not responsible to set up your table and chair at this time. You need to do that yourself.

Table Cover

There will not be any table cover at all, you will need to bring your own table cover. If you have a table cloth, you can bring it to the event and put it on the table. If you need one table cover, you can buy some at Dollar store for 99 cent or you can find it at the party store for 4.99.


Booth spaces are available at first come basis. Exhibitors can sign up and Deafopia will inform them when they are approved or not. If spaces are not available, Deafopia will immediately let the exhibitors know. Due of free status with all exhibitors, our availability for exhibitors spaces will be limited.

Number of people at booth space

There is no restriction of how many people at your booth space. You can bring one more or 100 people. It is all up to you. All people at your booth will need to sign up at www.deafopia.com/register. It is required.

Marketing out of your space

You are allowed to walk around at the event and promote your businesses. You do not have to stay in your area. You can walk and meet with people and bring them to your booth space. You are allowed to pass out any papers, marketing gifts and products to people away from your booth space at any time. There is no restriction how you can spread out your marketing methods out of your booth space.

Set up / Set down

Please keep in mind our set up time is on the same day of the event. Please come and set up your table and chairs and your products two or three hours early. When you arrive at the event, please allow 2-3 hours to set up before the event opens for public.

When the event is over, you will have 2-3 hours extra to clean up and leave the place. Please put the table and chairs back at the designated area, clean up your area before you leave. Failure to do that will incur $250 dollars penalty.

If you want to leave early, you can do that. Please dont forget to clean up your area and put tables and chairs back before you leave.

General time for set up is 7 AM – 10 AM
General time for set down is 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Special permission to set up on Friday do varies in different locations. Contact Deafopia for more informations.


Deafopia will communicate with exhibitors about getting food during the event. We will communicate where they can get breakfast, lunch and early dinner while the event is running.

We also will try our best to have food available at the event location from AM to PM without going out of the event to get food. It depends on the location.

If we don’t have food on site, we will leave information where you can get food outside of the event.

All exhibitors are responsible to compensate for the food themselves.

Penalty fees

Penalty fees will be assessed if you fail to clean up your area, or put the tables and chairs back to the designated area. Deafopia will charge $250 dollars to your credit card.

Credit card is required for this and no exceptions. Please give your credit card information at the front desk when you arrive. Deafopia will secure the credit card numbers in a secured file and will delete it at midnight.


Thank you for signing up as an exhibitors with Deafopia. We are excited to work with you to make this event successful where you can make lot of sales or share information effectively.